Digital marketing is like a new revolution in business, it has given a new look to the business.
First, we will learn about digital marketing, what is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is a system in which any company accesses any of its products through the Internet and Shopper purchases it. If told, Shopper searches that item on the Internet before making a purchase. It becomes necessary to have a digital marketing.

Digital marketing can be used easily from mobile, computer and laptop
Digital marketing has created a lot of employment opportunities for the youth, there will be no lack of employment.
Let us know about career opportunities and jobs for youth in digital marketing.

15 Best Digital marketing jobs and career options

As digital marketing is growing, so too are career opportunities and scope increasing.
Let me tell you that there is a small procedure for digital marketing under which you have to take a course in digital marketing

1. copywriter

If you have copywriting skill to digital marketing me you have many career scope
Any company needs a copywriter for their product, who writes about their product in such a way that the truth will become a subscriber from the content you have written so that the company will give you income.

2. Digital Marketer

If you have skills in different thinking on any subject, then this job is the best for you.
Content marketing has an important role in digital marketing which writes and promotes the already written content in a much better and different way.
Content marketers can work both part-time and full time.
Content written by a skilled content marketer also serves to promote social media.

3. Blogging

Digital marketing is continuously growing in India. In this, youth get the opportunity for full-time work as well as part-time work, but most people do only part-time work in it.
And what we are going to tell you about the career scope in digital marketing is blogging
Blogging is a career option in digital marketing that you can do part-time at your home or office, for this you do not need to do a full-time job.
In digital marketing, you can start your blogging job together with any SEO who will give you the monthly Rs.10000 / – and you can earn more than that.

4. Freelancer

In my view, you can find many jobs in digital marketing, out of which one freelancer can also be justified.
You can do your job in freelancer because you do not have any boss in digital marketing nor do you have time restriction, you can do your job as and when you want.
We understand by giving you an example, guess that an organization is open in your city and its owner has to promote itself, then he will choose the freelancer and not someone else because freelancer is much cheaper than anyone else.
And the freelancer completes the job on time
In freelance, you will promote that organization through your Facebook page, which will attract customers to it.

5. Digital Marketing Agency

There is also a scope and career option in digital marketing from which you can earn money sitting at home, that is digital marketing agency
Think of this marketing agency as a small business and not as a training institute.
In this agency, you can create a website and provide some digital services such as pad marketing, social media marketing.

6. Growth Hacker

According to an estimate, growth hacker also has more demand in digital marketing.
What is a growth hacker? – There are new experiments in it everyday so that it can promote the business. These experiments are done on products which prove to help promote business.
There is a shortage of growth hackers in India, because you need to have at least graduation, as well as experience, your salary can be between 40000 to 250000 every month.

7. Web Analytics Jobs

Let us tell you that there are some jobs in digital marketing about which very few people know that such a job is that of web analyst
In this type of jobs you have to do data analysis, in this you analyze social, forward, income groups, genders, views and visitors, sentiment boom, etc.
Also tell you that your salary is determined by your experience and work, in this type of digital marketing jobs, you have to work more throughout the day.

8. Online Business with Digital marketing

Suppose you do a business and have tried your best to pursue it, but you are not getting any benefit, then do not be disappointed because in digital marketing you can also promote your business along with it. Tell you how –
First you get your business registered and then create a website for it and post pictures of your product with price and description on that website. With this, you will also digitalize your business and will also grow. This is possible only in digital marketing. With the help of digital marketing, you can promote and sell to any small or big place.

9. Email marketing

Hello everyone from my side today we will learn about a marketing in digital marketing that will give you a new direction, yes today we will know about email marketing, what is email marketing and how it works
Suppose you have a lot of people email and you are working on a blog, whenever you post on that blog, you can take help of those emails which will get you a lot of traffic.
Whenever you would see on any YouTube channel or any other blog that you are being forced to subscribe, it is done so that they can get maximum traffic.

10. Digital Marketing Managers

The main role in digital marketing is that of marketing managers. Marketing manager is the link that takes care of any product from its creation to its finances.
It is also the job of a digital marketing manager that before any product is released, they should fully understand the needs of the people and understand those needs, so that they can create the product so that after the product is in the market, the needs of the people will be fulfilled. That were taken care of while making the product.
We also tell you that managers must have at least 6 to 6 years of experience in digital marketing.
The annual salary of the managers can be 25000000 / – or more.

11. Social Media (career option in digital marketing)

Do you know that a career can also be made in social media, social media is also an important source of digital marketing
If you remain active on social media, it can also give a good income.
As you know, promotions for the election of leaders on this day, many more advertisements will be seen on your own, posted on your WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

12. SEO

The name of the SEO must have been heard by itself, it is known as a search engine, which is used to appear our website in the top page on Google. Today we tell you what SEO is and how to work on it
You must have seen yourselves or you do the same that when we have to search for a topic, then we go to Google and type that topic and as soon as we type, then we will have many results. Select any one of them, but you must have also seen that most of the time we will click on the result seen at the top, this is the search engine’s post without having to pay Google for that.
SEO, we use our posts on Google to appear in the top so that our website can get more traffic and we get more money.

13. SEM/PPC jobs

SEM is called search engine marketing, its work by placing advertisements on Google, Yahoo, YouTube etc.
In this, you can earn as well as search, in this you can earn by paying Google and placing ads.
PPC is also one such job on which you can earn money by Pay per click ads on Facebook, Youtube and many other sites.
You must have seen that whenever we search for a topic or watch a video on internet, there is an advertisement in the middle, it is given only by SEM or PPC.
SEM & PPC puts ads with the help of Google AdWord.

14. CRO’s

Conversion rate optimization is a means by which people are taken from visiting the site to buying the product.
A conversion rate optimized responds to people coming to the page with the help of their tools.
On this, you work together with different people and in this you get good salary compared to the analyzer.

15. Content Writing

Let me, tell you that if you have the art of writing, then you can do the job of content writing in digital marketing, which is very much in demand in digital marketing.
In content writing, you are given a content, you have to write effectively the content of that content, for which you should keep the ordinary content writer from 0.25 to 0.50 according to words and extraordinary 1 to 3 average word.

Out of the 15 online digital marketing jobs that you have read above, you can think of any one job which seems suitable to you according to your skill.

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