7 such on-page SEO techniques help rank your content.

Are you failing to bring traffic even after publishing a lot of good content on your blog? Then you’re on-page SEO is needed because you can optimize your page with optimization with the help of it to become SEO friendly. Now the question will be arising in your mind that what is on-page SEO and how it can be used.

I would like to tell you first of all that having on-page SEO is as important as any good content for any blog.

Techniques of On-Page SEO 

What is on-page SEO?

Let us now show you the meaning of on-page SEO –

Whenever we write a post or article, the techniques we use are called on-page SEO or noun. If you have mastered this, then you can easily rank your article or post in SEO on the first page.

In On-Page SEO we use keyword research, permalink, quality content, post title, meta descriptions, correct use of keywords, headings, image optimization, internal and external linking, correct use of headings and more.

Our blog does not rank directly, but the content we post or publish. Whenever one of our posts ranks on the first page of SEO, it benefits our whole or the entire blog, as it increases the traffic on the blog as well as domain authority and page authority. This promotes every area of our blog.

Techniques of On-Page SEO 

The way we adopt while writing a post is called On-Page SEO or optimization. Whenever we write an article, keep in mind everything that is involved in this technique.

Here I am going to tell you what are the techniques of On-Page SEO –

Insert Your Target Keyword into the Right Places

Here I would like to share some of my personal views. I have been blogging for many years. You would not believe that there was a time when bloggers used to spam keywords on their website or site and the advantage was that they quickly reached Google’s first page.

You will find that some SEO guides are also found who ask to follow certain keywords that we know to great effect. We can tell you that it is not possible to support them because we do not have enough.

Title Tag:


URL Slug:

We also know the URL slug as a content element. Also, our content can be filled with quality. One particular thing about URL slugs is that we can see this only in SERPs. If you do not use SERPs, you will not be able to take advantage of URL slugs.

Let us tell you that in this point or section we are not talking about the full URL of the domain. We are talking about the hidden part which only shows the URL slug in SERPs. Each URL slug served as a complete line of typeset by hand.

It is very happy for you that if you are using WordPress then you can change the URL slug.

You should always try to make the URL slug short and so that you can remember it easily. Which helps you find any of your posts again.


You all know that whatever is the headings or Subheadings is the main part of any article or you can say that without these the article is not considered complete.

These are the main parts of any article without which the article cannot be decorated.

In Subheadings, you have to enter some words which we know as keywords. The use of these keywords should be contained in at least 150 words in the beginning.

Post Categories:

Meta Description:

Do you know what meta descriptions are? Every blogger should be aware of how important meta descriptions are for ranking on SEO. Without it, it is very difficult to find a place on the first page in SERPs, even if a place is found due to any reason, it is very difficult to maintain a continuum.

Meta description is part of a meta tag that lets you confirm what is written in SEO in your post or article.

According to SEO, it is very important to have a meta description in every article or post, because without this the post will not have any value in SERPs. Without this, any post is considered an incomplete appearance.

Now you have to write the entire squeeze of your content in your description, the description should be perfect.

When you write your entire content SEO friendly and perfectly, then there is a lot of competition for you. Your first target is to come to the first page of SEO. If you have done your on-page SEO, then you will rank on the first page. But our goal is to rank the first page as well as take heavy traffic.

Images Optimization

I do not think you may have to be made aware of these things that images are prevalent nowadays. People have started looking at images more than reading. Now SEOs have started ranking all the sites that use media. If you also want to get in the share ranking of on-page SEO, then you have to increase the use of media or images.

Image optimization is a difficult task for new bloggers. These people fail to optimize the image well due to which their image is not able to bring much traffic to SEO.

Image optimization is very important for the on-page SEO of a blog. Many people in this world search for images. If your optimized images rank during a search, then you get more traffic or you can get more traffic.

Using Optimized Image Filenames

You should not forget to rename the uploaded image before posting it in your blog. The name of your image matters as much as keywords. Now the question is coming in your mind how to rename the image or what to name.

There is no need to worry, you should rename the image uploaded for the post according to your keyword. This can be an important point for you to rank in on-page SEO.

We must have seen that whenever we download an image from a website, the name of the image is something like this – 224rjw5.png or 02asdk.jpg

You should use more keywords while renaming the image. If the image contains your keywords, SEO can rank your post more.

For example – assuming the main keyword of your post is “How to rank number one in 2019”, you will rename your image as follows – “rank-in-google.png or. Jpg.

One more thing to keep in mind is that whenever you rename the image, put a (-) dash in small letters and between every word.

Resize and Compress image:

Integrate External Links to Authoritative Sites

Outbound Links

These are links that point from your website or blog to another website or blog. These are links that go from your site to another site. We use such links in our articles or blogs so that trust can be improved on our content.

External Linking: Things to Remember

There are some tips to remember for external links, which you should pay a little attention to –

Don’t Spam External Link:

Do you know even a little bit about this, which external links are considered useful for SEO and readers, more use of them can prove to be harmful for us. I mean to say that these links can divert the attention of the readers from your content and attract others.

The sense of saying that the more you use these links, the more chance that your audience can leave you.

Only Link to Authoritative Sites

Know When to Use No-Follow Links 

External link set up to open new tab

You can keep the text on your blog or post continuously, as well as generate interest in the posts in them. It is not easy to keep the readers on a regular post. This is possible only if you generate an external link for the readers to open a new tab.

Use Internal Links to Spread PageRank

Some tips for Internal Linking:

Yes, indeed, internal linking cannot be used without external linking. With the help of taking external links, you can generate internal linking. For this, you just have to follow some rules.

Below, I am going to tell you tips to use or remember while creating internal linking which will prove very useful for your content.

Internal link set up to open a new tab:

Maybe you are still resorting to techniques to gather a crowd of readers on your post but this way you can fail to get more traffic. If you want to keep the readers on your content then you have to take the help of internal links. You will need to set internal links in your post which will ask you to open a new one in your content.

Use informative anchor texts:

You keep interesting content in your post as well as you can use both types of links. All these will be useful for you only if your reader will know what information will be received both on the part of the post or the content.

Link to related page:

Now a question arises here whether you think about your readers or not. If you think about your readers then you should gather such material for them which is useful for them.

You should appreciate their feelings and link them with the posts that those people want or the thinking they had searching within the mind.

Improve Website Loading Speed:

Every time the same thing is in front of you, how you can increase traffic on your website or post.

You do not have to do much to increase traffic because you have to keep the text on your content, then you need to improve the website loading speed.

According to some statistics, 20-80 percent of people leave some websites because their loading speed was working.

Loading speed as a ranking factor:

To get traffic to on-page SEO, you should also think about the loading speed of your website so that you do not have to face such an injury or not.

I had also mentioned earlier that almost a percentage of your traffic or readers can leave your website if the loading speed of your website is working.

You have to be a master reader for a long time by increasing the website loading speed to get ranking.

Using GTmetrix as a launchpad:

Now you can optimize your website so that you can use GTmetrix as a launchpad. This is an option that allows your website to be seen as performing well.

Gutmetrics is the best option for on-page SEO that helps you identify the factors on the website that can slow down your website.

Using GTmetrix is ​​very easy, for this you need to enter the URL of your website and enter it in the main feed and click on the Analyze button. After a while, the report will show you the loading speed, the overall score of your website.

Make Your Pages Mobile-Friendly

Now we talk about another tool for better performance of the website, this tool we know as Google Tool. It is a tool of on-page SEO that is used for mobile-friendly tests.

Google tools are very important for on-page SEO optimization. The Google tool was first launched in early 2018.

This mobile version or Google tool serves to focus on your on-page SEO optimization. This is the reason why it is directly related to on-page SEO.

Viewport Not Set

The viewport is more important in on-page SEO. You use this to develop your web browser. You should implement accountability on your website.

The only way to do this is by automatically turning on the website and adjusting the on-page for mobile viewing.

Content Wider than Screen

If you do not build your website according to HTML or coding, then it can serve as a negative point for you. Whenever you design a website page, do it only with coding.

On a page designed without coding, many issues may arise for you such as – Your content may be so much that the page or the screen of the website may be short.

During such a problem, your readers have to scroll from right to left and from left to right to see and read the content, which is a serious problem and can even break your text. That is why you have to set up your page only and only with coding.

Text Too Small to Read

There is nothing much in this, you know that the smallest font is used for reading in mobile so that you do not have to scroll repeatedly. This problem can be solved in the blog

You should only use small fonts for your content, this is a better option for you.

Clickable elements very close together

This can be a very serious problem, you need to understand it yourself.

It has a direct relation to the clicks of the readers whenever and wherever you give a link, the reader clicks on it if it is interesting.

In such a situation, we feel that you are not using some apps like WhatsApp. This creates a problem of clicking around when clicking on mobile.

You can entice readers by making your page a good design and attractive layout.

Incompatible Plugins use

Let me make you a little aware of this, blogging consists of a few bloggers who use fancy flash content in their posts. The use of fancy flash content increases the beauty of your post.

I hope that you too will try to do the same bloggers. Because I believe that the name belongs to those who try to do something different. Being unique is your identity.

This flash content is considered incompatible for Android and ios. Mobile user experience can die if you use it.

 Lesser-Known On-Page SEO Techniques 2019

The top information given above so far will encourage you to create quality content for SEO.

You should focus on tutorial curriculum, SEO article, etc. in your content.

Now in the future, I am going to tell you about some techniques that will enable you to take forward on-page optimization and you will have a lot of scope to increase on-page SEO.

Embedding Related Videos

The more happiness thing for you here is that you can also upload videos to rank your posts, which increases your chances of getting ranked in SEO.

If in your post you are giving information about any topic to the readers and have taken the help of your video for it, then this is the right way. This will benefit the readers as well as you.

Instead of reading the text, you like to see and hear both. This makes the students understand the subject well and you do not need to write much to understand it. And there is an advantage that due to the video, the readers will spend more time on your post.

Those who are small bloggers should not be disappointed at all because there are many websites on the internet which are also animated or cloud-like without investment, which help you in uploading videos.

But the biggest thing is that your video should be according to the subject of your content and not on the other topic.

Generating more blog comments

We cannot deny that comments can affect the traffic of your blog.

If you want to get more information, then stay with me in this article and get information. For this, you have to read the entire description and know how the comments directly affect the biological traffic.

You will need to create a list inside your post and ask the readers for suggestions.

Mind your content Reading Level

Do you know how easy or difficult it is for readers to read your content.

There are two types of bloggers, one who pays attention to the words in his content and one who does not pay attention.

You should never pay more attention to the vocabulary because the word does not matter as much as it is for the students to get answers to the questions that come to their mind. Your content should always be filled with quality so that the reader can be satisfied that yes they have found a solution to their problem.

For your information, let us know that WordPress and SEO have an ease checker which easily checks whether your content is easy or difficult to read.

Remember, your content should always be easy to read. Because the easier the content is, the more traffic is likely to increase.

With the help of the following points, you can know what you should do to make the content effective.

Use of small sentences: If you have written a blog as well as read the blog, then you must have seen that all successful bloggers prepare the content of their blog, then there are only about 20 words in the content written in them. You also have to create a sentence using only 20 words in the content.

Break paragraphs often: Also keep in mind that keep the mercury brief. Only use five to seven sentences in it.

Use low syllable words. You have been working hard to improve your score so that you get more traffic.

Keep your title short

You choose the title for your blog or post as to what title should be given for this post so that you can get traffic. For this, you resort to keyword optimization. But do you know that your title should not be limited to keyword optimization and should be more interesting than that.

Your title and keywords include numbers, thought questions to be asked.

Let me make you aware of another thing that many bloggers are not able to keep their titles within 55-60 letters.

Just as meta description cuts our letters, Google and SERPs also cut more letters in our title. If you create a title using 50-60 letters, you are guaranteed that your title will not be truncated.


I hope that what you have covered in this guide blog will help take you further in blogging.

On-page SEO can prove to be a magic for you in blogging so that full-time bloggers can give you importance or you will be able to see yourself in competition in the world of blogging.

Whatever information I have given you in this content of the on-page SEO guide, I hope that will help you to make your page more crowded and at the same time provide a fast track to your page.

Finally, as usual, I would like to say that if you have any problem or question related to this content, please comment in the comment box. As soon as it is possible, you will try to give a solution. I am always ready for your help so that my readers do not have any problem related to blogging.

Thank you for staying with me in this article!

good luck!

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